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Inspirational Lunch Celebrates Female Thought Leaders - Each One Hold One Takes a Bold Step

Johannesburg, South Africa - September 1, 2023

In an age where societal challenges demand diverse perspectives, a beacon of hope shines through the efforts of an organization with a profound mission. Established in 2020, Each One Hold One; has been dedicated to inspiring and empowering the community through meaningful action.

This visionary organization, spearheaded by co-founders Charmaine Soobramoney, Kubeshni Govender, and Melissa Dolphin-Rowland, transcends borders, with Melissa based in London. Their mission rests on the pillars of progressive ideas, audacious initiatives, and unwavering support.

At its core, Each One Hold One strives to foster a world that wholeheartedly supports and empowers women in both their personal and professional endeavors. The concept is simple yet profound: one woman reaching out to another, engaging in conversation, listening, sharing, and supporting. It's a heartfelt act of solidarity, orchestrated in a manner that has the potential to expand exponentially.

Recently, co-founders Charmaine Soobramoney and Kubeshni Govender hosted a gratitude and celebrations lunch at the Radisson Red in Rosebank, Johannesburg. The event gathered twelve remarkable female thought leaders from various walks of life. This luncheon was a heartfelt recognition of the invaluable roles these women play within their communities.

Soobramoney emphasized the importance of such intimate gatherings, citing them as a safe space for meaningful dialogues and connections. She passionately believes that this inaugural Table of Twelve Luncheon is an opportunity to shed light on pressing issues and include them in Each One Hold One's agenda.

Faeeka Lok, the Head of Volunteer Strategy and Engagement at Rise Mzanzi, praised the opportunity to connect with incredible women who lead in diverse aspects of life. She emphasized the value of mutual learning among these luminaries.

Advocate Dirontsho Mohale, an Advisory Board member of Each One Hold One, revealed that she eagerly accepted the invitation because she shares a passion for empowering women. Connecting with like-minded individuals who aspire to uplift fellow women was a driving force behind her participation.

Meanwhile, Melissa Dolphin-Rowland, the Co-Founder based in London, may not have been

physically present, but her spirit and dedication resonated throughout the gathering. Her

contributions to the organization have been pivotal in shaping its vision of global empowerment.

The Radisson Red, a fitting venue for this momentous occasion, played a gracious host to the Table of Twelve Luncheon. Manager Dario Maino expressed his honor in accommodating these influential women and even curated a special menu to commemorate this inaugural event.

Looking ahead, Each One Hold One has ambitious plans to organize more such engagements. These sessions will serve as a vital platform for garnering insights and ideas to shape their future projects.

In a world yearning for positive change, Each One Hold One stands as a beacon of hope, lighting the path toward a more inclusive and supportive society.

Written by Samm Marshall

Each One Hold One's Board Member

Much Love

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