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This year National Youth Day and Youth Month are celebrated under the theme: “Youth Power; Growing South Africa Together In The Period Of Covid-19.” I explored further what “Youth Power” meant and so researched this term and I was amazed by the extent of the available content. So much rich, empowering and uplifting work is happening in this world when it comes to our youth. The future is filled with hope. This feeling of hope and possibilities runs through the veins of the Each One Hold One community through the work we do and we are committed to driving and influencing the good in the areas of our focus.

As adults, we have the obligation to support our youth in finding their voices and confidently and constructively using it as a medium for creative expression and identity. Their voice is their power, and that power can help change their lives, their families, their communities and our world.

At Each One Hold One (EOHO), our programmes give our youth the tools to take into this world and enable them to make it a better place for themselves, their community and future generations. EOHO delivers talks and workshops around finances which imparts knowledge that enables them to make financially sound decisions for their futures and those around them. Furthermore, we are busy rolling out a project based around Gender-Based Violence (GBV) with our youth; getting to understand their beliefs and how collectively we can start the process of change so that GBV is understood and in time eradicated (#365daysofactivism). Through our research, we have identified that sustainable Change and Impact starts with our youth. We give them a seat at our table, do you?

Our Youth are more socially and politically aware than ever before. This can be seen through their involvement in activism and their voting numbers, and we, therefore, need to encourage and harness this passion and channel it into positive action. If “we” can provide our youth with a platform to exchange knowledge, build networks, and share experiences, perspectives, dreams and passions to promote a better world they WILL deliver change. Why? Because YOUTH + POWER = CHANGE

To all the youth out there please join us and BE PART OF THE CHANGE!

Sending all our love and best wishes,

Co-founders of Each One Hold One

Written by Melissa Dolphin-Rowland (our wellbeing guru and resident DJ)

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